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hi all does sonar support .net 4? if so how can i integrate sonar with cruisecontrol.net (ccnet) with out using maven o anything else.just sonar and ccnet.. thanx

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Take a look at the wiki page mentioned before and if you encounter any trouble, feel free to register to the user mailing list and ask for help (see http://www.sonarsource.org/support/support/). For now, even if sonar 2.6 may use ant or a simple command line to trigger the analysis on a java project, maven is mandatory for a .net project. This will change pretty soon. I am working with the guys from sonarsource to give birth to a new "C# plugin"... First version probably at the beginning of this summer. For now, only solution I see to integrate sonar with ccnet is to launch a maven command line from ccnet.

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I documented my experience setting up Sonar with my C# projects. I used TeamCity instead of CCNet, but that's a small portion of the overall setup, so should be straightforward to configure. http://www.wrightfully.com/setting-up-sonar-analysis-for-c-projects/

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