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Could some one explain this to me i am not familiar with preg_match_all filters, this code works fine except it does not return a negative value if one of the latitudes and longitudes is negative.

if ( preg_match_all( "#<td>\s+-?(\d+\.\d+)\s+</td>#", $output, $coords ) ) {
    list( $lat, $long ) = $coords[1];
    echo "Latitude: $lat\nLongitude: $long\n";

output: Latitude: 30.6963 Longitude: 71.6207 (longitude is missing a '-')

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The value of the coords variable depends on what is matched by the code inside the parentheses. Moving the optional minus sign (-?) inside the parentheses should do the trick:

if ( preg_match_all( "#<td>\s+(-?\d+\.\d+)\s+</td>#", $output, $coords ) ) {

See the official documentation for details about preg in php and for the details of preg_match_all.

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can you refer me to a link where i can understand all the filters used in preg_match_all, ineed to learn this – hitek Feb 25 '09 at 15:46 – Glen Solsberry Feb 25 '09 at 15:47
@unknown (yahoo): Added a paragraph about documentation – phihag Feb 25 '09 at 15:51

Your sign is not in the parenthesis. $coords[1] contains the part of the regex that matched the part between ( and ). The +- are before the parenthesis, though, thus they are not part of what is matched and returned.

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