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I have one Cocoa application and one launch agent. Launch agent launches application using launchAppWithBundleIdentifier: method call.

Inside my application I want to check application is launched by user(Normal launch) or is it launch agent launching my application.

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It seems like you should be able to send an Apple Event via the additionalEventParamDescriptor: parameter of the launchAppWithBundleIdentifier: call and then receive that in your app so you know it's your agent launching you.

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Thanks. I found the way to recieve. In my App delegate i wrote following method: -(BOOL)applicationShouldOpenUntitledFile:(NSApplication *)sender { NSAppleEventDescriptor *event = [[NSAppleEventManager sharedAppleEventManager] currentAppleEvent]; if (event) { AEEventID evtID = [event eventID]; if (event && ( evtID == kAEOpenApplication) && [event eventClass] == kCoreEventClass) { //Here some code } } return YES; } – Raviprakash May 10 '11 at 9:52
Great. I wasn't sure you how you would receive it but it sounds like you figured it out! – Ken Aspeslagh May 15 '11 at 23:25

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