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I am trying to make an Flipping / Sliding Effect with Winforms.

To be exact: a effect where the first Form slides/ is pushed out of the screen and the second one slides in.

After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that a Flipping effect is not working in Winforms.

I tried the following things for the sliding effect:

  1. Embedding winforms in Wpf Application - using Windowsformshost --> Windowsformshost doesn't support animation.

  2. Change Location of the Forms a. with an Timer b. with loop c. separate threads

    -->the form is flickering & does not look professional

  3. Screen capture - i.e. screenshots of the forms

    --> same Problem: flickering

  4. AnimateWindow Function (API)

    --> the API doesn't support threading --> sliding in AND out of both forms at the same time is not possible. --> same Problem: flickering

Additional Infos:

I use C# ,Visual Studio 2010 (Dot net Framework 4.0) 3rd party Controls - Telerik On my Form are Custom Controls (extended Telerik controls) I have set Doubblebuffered to True for the controls.

It would be really helpful if somebody could help/suggest to overcome this issue (winforms Flipping/Sliding Effect).

Regards, WickedSquall

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Thank you for the replies. the Requirements have changes a little: The sliding has to be in the Form. This is relative easy, by changing the Control.left value. Alternative to that I try to insert a Custom WPF Control in the Winform witch moves 2 Screenshots with an Animation. I'll update you –  Wickedsquall May 6 '11 at 8:05

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The best option would be

5. Switch to WPF. It runs on DirectX and you need that.

But I guess that's not an option. The most workable seems your option 3 , moving bitmaps. The flickering should be solvable with double-buffering etc.

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Here our final solution:

We decided to bring this issue to a third party who has more experience with graphics.

The best solution with our knowledge moving Pictureboxs with Screenshots and an Timer.


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