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I want to make a simple accounting application and i have a model with 3 fields:

  • account_symbol
  • account_debit
  • account_credit

And I want to make a form for the user to enter the accounts for the balance, after entering the first set (of 3 fields) the form (after the user press a button) should reveal another set and so on.

After all the accounts should be entered, the user should submit the form to the database.

I read the b-list.org approach and i don't think is what i need and the formsets docs but what i want is the user to control the length of the form by adding additional sets of 3 fields.

As a newbie, please point me to an approach for my problem. Thank you.

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Formset is exactly what you need here. You just need to use JavaScript to dynamically show new formsets to user (like in admin app). Here's nice example of doing this.

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Thank you very much. I'll have to dive in. –  Kaigara May 3 '11 at 7:43

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