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i've a lot of images as background and other decorations.

If i reduce their resolution and their size, the memory used by all application will be reduced or will i not have advantages?

Thank you.

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Yes of course ... – ViTo Brothers May 3 '11 at 7:28

If the size of the file is reduced it will use less memory. 1 thing you could do is using sprites instead of images, though using a sprite in objective-c is a bit more difficult than it is on the web.

You could also try to replace images with custom drawing code in subclasses of views.

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+1 for drawing in code, that’s a good idea (if it’s possible). – zoul May 3 '11 at 7:31

Yes, if you reduce image resolution, there will be less data to keep in memory and total memory usage will go down. But remember the basic rule of optimization and measure first, so that you know for sure that reducing image size will really make a difference given the rest of your application. (As an example, if you have serious leaks in your application, there’s not much to be gained by resampling images.)

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