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I have a custom overlay that basically draws a route from a list of co-ordinates onto a map. This all works fine but I need the map, when it first loads, to set its position and zoom level so it fits the route into the mapview control.

How can this be achieved?

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I figured it out.

Firstly I needed to find the min and max, lat and long coordinates of my route.

With these I could set the centre like so:

centerPoint = new GeoPoint((int)((minLat+((maxLat-minLat)/2))* 1e6), (int)((minLon+((maxLon-minLon)/2))* 1e6));

and set the zoom level like so:

mController.zoomToSpan((int)((maxLat - minLat)* 1e6), (int)((maxLon - minLon)* 1e6));
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