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I have an object with an __init__ procedure that requires at least one parameter and I want to store in the cache.
When trying to getting the object from the cache I get an error that the I didn't pass enough parameters to the ___init___ method.
Someone told me I need to pickle the object before sending it to the cache but all the examples I saw were using .dat files and on appengine you cannot use any file system...
Any I idea how to resolve this issue?


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You do not need to pickle an object before storing it in memcache. – Adam Crossland May 3 '11 at 14:41
You need to include some sample code that reproduces your problem. We can't tell what you could be doing just from the description you've given. – Nick Johnson May 3 '11 at 16:19

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You can use pickle without any filesystem, using pickle.loads / pickle.dumps. For example:

import pickle
obj = YourClass(yourparam=...)
data = pickle.dumps(obj)
# and now, store "data" into the cache

# later, get "data" from the cache
obj = pickle.loads(data)

# and tada, obj if the same as before :)
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I think you are trying to use memcache in appengine. This blog will help you a lot

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