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When using a cache manifest file within ASP.NET can I just add a standard text file called something like app.manifest? (which is then referenced from the html in each relevant page).

Or are there other considerations (such as mime type) that demand a more convoluted approach?

In this approach: http://stephenwalther.com/blog/archive/2011/01/26/creating-html5-offline-web-applications-with-asp-net.aspx then Stephen Walther sets up the manifest as a handler. Do I really have to do it that way in ASP.NET, or is there a 'simpler' way in ASP.NET? Just striving for less code!


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Well, in sighted article, author has created a custom handler to server the manifest with correct MIME type. This is indeed a good way in ASP.NET where you don't have to touch web server configuration.

If you don't want to write such handler and wish to serve file directly such as "app.manifest" then you have to make sure to modify IIS configuration (for the web-site) map the correct MIME Type (text/cache-manifest) for manifest extension (see this and this for how to register a new MIME type in IIS)

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