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What is the best way to troubleshoot IPC?

Are there any tools/tricks to determine problems (without requesting the source code)?

I have two, third party components. The IPC server config and client config seems correct. Yet the two components don't want to communicate. One component throwing a null object exception, which I believe is due to something wrong in the remoting configuration....

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Focus on "what's the best way to ask a question on a forum". Nobody can help you with only a "doesn't work" diagnostic. You've got config, you've got a stack trace. Use them to document your problem. – Hans Passant Feb 25 '09 at 16:52
There's only a single way of doing IPC in .NET? Otherwise my first question would be what kind of IPC are you actually using, I know a dozen of different ways of doing IPC. – Mecki Feb 25 '09 at 16:53
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If you have PDB files from components installed try getting DUMP with ADPLUS.
DebugDiag 1.1 or Windbg, which one should I use? and how do I gather memory dumps
Other info for mem leak finding :
Reverse Engineering and Debugging Blogs
All the Ways to Capture a Dump...
Troubleshooting Software Problems: A Scientific Approach
Two Minute Drill: Configuring a Debugger using Image File Execution Options
Slides and resources for TechED presentations about debugging .NET issues with Windbg
background tool : ExcpHook Exception Monitor

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i don't have the PDBs - but stepping through so test calls to the service I have identified the some exception that one of the 3rd party components are hiding. grrrrrr – Adrian Feb 26 '09 at 10:33
There's some gold in the links you provided too.... – Adrian Feb 26 '09 at 10:34

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