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I want to show the latest 8 images from a Flickr photostream using Django. I've had a good google and the only articles I can find focus on syncing the results with a database. I'd rather not do this if possible, I just want to show the images and nothing else. This page has some adaptable code, but the library he uses seems to be offline now.

Does anyone have any examples of how I might integrate with a flickr stream without syncing the results?

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what about fetching and integrating the rss feed? – arie May 3 '11 at 8:49
That could work. Trying to find some examples of parsing RSS in django – Hanpan May 3 '11 at 9:18
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Why can't you just use the flickr API from Python? There's probably python packages to do it. All you do is get the user's photostream info, map the photos to URLS:

Then your Django template just has an <img> tag with the right URL.

Edit: python packages listed on the flickr API page:

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I made Flickr Pony for use Flickr with Django Storage API and more.

You'll only need an API KEY and launch this:

>>> from import FlickrStorage
>>> storage = FlickrStorage(api_key="myApiKey")
>>> storage.listdir('140893176@N07')
([], ['',
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