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On iPhone, what's the best way to get the ID of the last inserted row on an SQLite Database using FMDB ?

Is there a better way rather than doing :

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What is wrong with that? – Lee Armstrong May 3 '11 at 9:13

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If you can guarantee that your ID column is an auto-increment column, MAX(ID) is fine.

But to cover any case, there's a specialized SQLite function called LAST_INSERT_ROWID():


In FMDB, you use the -lastInsertRowId method (which internally runs the above):

int lastId = [fmdb lastInsertRowId];
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Thanks! This works for me! I Use FMDB. – Josep Escobar Oct 26 at 16:11

The function sqlite3_last_insert_rowid() is what you're looking for. Having just checked out the source code for FMDB, there seems to be a method on FMDatabase called -lastInsertRowId that wraps the function.

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try the following:

var rowid: Int = Int(contactDB.lastInsertRowId())

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That's a Swift solution, while the question is tagged with objective-c. – Glorfindel Aug 1 at 7:40

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