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I have written a code to create a new menu in MS Word and do some functions. I have written VBScript code in the scripting window which opens when i do Alt+F11.

I cannot send the code to the customer and have to bundle it in an exe file or some other file and send it to user.

How do i do that.

If i create an exe file when the user runs it the menu button should be cretaed in MS Word on users machine.

Thanks Creator

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God? Is that you? –  mcass20 May 20 '11 at 17:57

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The simplest options are:

  1. Add the VBA to the normal template and you can make it run when Word loads to add your menu items.
  2. Create an add-in from the macro project (These can be read only/password protected)
  3. Create a managed/VSTO add-in
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