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Hi I have a loop which outputs

<cfloop collection="#SESSION.squad.achievements#" item="key">

The problem is the key(which is a year) is output in the wrong order, it outputs




As far as I can see there in no built in method for changing the order or am I missing something?

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Coldfusion structures don't have an order, so you can't guarantee when looping over a struct that the keys will come out in the same order they were inserted (or numerically/alphabetically/etc).

If the order is important, use an array instead.

An alternative would be to get all the keys in an array, then order that array, and loop over it, but inside the loop referencing the structure.

<!--- get an array of the keys in the desired order --->
<cfset achievements = StructSort(SESSION.squad.achievements, "numeric", "desc")>

<!--- loop over that array --->
<cfloop index="year" array="#achievements#">
    <!--- refer back to the struct, keyed on the current year we're looping on --->
    #year# : #SESSION.squad.achievements[year]#
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You can also use the StructSort function to avoid the need to create the initial array and sort it. It's then a onestep process to get the keys in the right order before running through the loop. livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/… –  Dan Short May 3 '11 at 12:10
Nice one, a function I'd forgotten about. I'll update my example code to use that instead. –  duncan May 3 '11 at 12:49
good answers, would be nice to have this build in as a optional method. But is no biggie as a couple of lines sort it. –  Ross Mark May 4 '11 at 7:58
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