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i have an dataset with 3 tables in it they have a masterchild relationship, lets say the dataset is like this

department table

deptID  departmentname
 1      IT
 2      CS
 3      EC

employee table

empID  Empname DeptID
1      kiran    1
2      manu     2
3      kumar    3
4      ajay     3

now i have to delete value deptID =3 from department table

then all the employee who have DeptID ='3' have to be deleted from Employee table

how do we do in dataset , is there any builtin function



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maybe the lowest mehode? – Mythje May 3 '11 at 10:05
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You have to define a ForeignKeyConstraint and set the rule to cascade:

 ForeignKeyConstraint fk = new ForeignKeyConstraint(dtDepartment.Columns["deptID"], dtEmployee.Columns["DeptID"]);
 fk.DeleteRule = Rule.Cascade;

Now when you delete records in the parent it will delete them in the children as well.

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You can add a constraint to you dataset and enable cascade deleting

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