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I really dont know how to solve my problem. My ProductRepository has a method, lets say:

GetAllCalculatedProducs(int categoryId) {}

This method uses class Calculator to compute many values of the product. It looks just like this:

public IEnumerable<Product> GetAllCalculatedProducts(int categoryId)
  var items = GetAllProductsByCategoryId(categoryId);

  Calculator c = new Calculator(items);

  Filter f = new Filter(c.Items);

  Sorter s = new Sorter(f.Items);

  return s.Items;

Calculator does his work using another repositories.

[DB] <--> [Repository] <- |Business Logic| -> [Calculator]

I assume that is wrong due to Repository uses class which belongs to Logic. I even think that this method should be in other place maybe in ProductService? but Im not sure.

And the second question is: Can Filter and Order be use in repository?

best regards!

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I only add methods to the repository that directly or indirectly work against the database. Your method do not do that, it calls GetAllProductsByCategoryId which works with the DB. Hence it should be part of the service instead.

If it had generated an own query and done some filtering and sorting on it, I would have not had any problems with that.

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thanks for the reply so the solution could be like this:, right? – reizal May 3 '11 at 10:54
yes. Although I would use more specific names for Sorter, Filter and Calculator. Maybe SortOnLastName, FilterOutOldEntries, CalculateAveragePrice. – jgauffin May 3 '11 at 11:04
great, thanks for advices – reizal May 3 '11 at 13:20

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