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After 2 days of research I (a newby) still can't figure out what 'on disk' stores are available in RDFFlib 3.1.0. If you have a working example, that would be nice to see... For my app I prefer SQLite. I need no access to online RDF stores, I want to store info about relations inside the organisation in RDF. Thanks

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Here you have an example to make it work with MySQL. I don't think rdflib 3 works with SQLite.

    import rdflib
    from rdflib.Graph import ConjunctiveGraph as Graph
    from rdflib import plugin
    from import Store, NO_STORE, VALID_STORE

    configString = "host=localhost,user=root,password=,db=db_name"
    rt =,create=False)
    assert rt == VALID_STORE,"The store is corrupted"
    print "load store success"
    graph = Graph(store)

I would avoid rdflib's on-disk stores since they seem to be not very reliable and don't scale very well. As you have noticed the documentation is not great either.

If you are doing some serious work then go for triple stores like Virtuoso or 4store and use SPARQL to access the data. There are many libraries to access them with Python.

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Thanks to the work and help of Fernando Tapia Rico I have the "on-disk" store working. Have a look at – ArtDijk May 6 '11 at 9:09
thanks good to know that this repository exists. Cheers !!! – msalvadores May 6 '11 at 11:01
As best I can tell, "store" is not defined anywhere? – Buttons840 Jul 10 '12 at 18:06

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