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I have a module that I want to unit test, which extends HttpServlet and, in the real application is connected to an OSGi HttpService (the Jetty-based Pax Web) using registerServlet().

I'm setting up a unit test for that module and want to check whether some test HTTP requests are handled correctly. For this, I need either to embed an instance of HttpService from one of my bundle JARs or create a mock. Since I want to process an actual HTTP request, I figured I should really run a HTTP server. So far, I found tutorials on how to run a Jetty instance from within an application, but I still need to wrap the HttpService around this somehow.

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I'm going to wrap a Jetty instance in a simple implementation of HttpService.

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Is this available to re-use? – dev_nut Jun 22 '12 at 11:24

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