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I have a login page than involved destroying a session and starting a new one. I have very inconsistent results between both Chrome and Firefox.

I am clearing the session using:

$_SESSION = array(); 

But variables in the session seem to still exist until I refresh the page and then they disappear. My second problem ontop of this is that crucial $_SESSION variables are different on ajax pages called from this login page. This is causing big problems and inconsistent results on ajax pages.

What is the best way to destroy a session and set it with fresh variables that will be available to ajax pages?

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Could you provide some further code to see where you're destroying the session, and how/where you're calling the session variables that are not disappearing? Can you also give an example of your AJAX call? – Craig Sefton May 3 '11 at 11:25

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If you're using session cookies you have to "remove" them as well.

$cookie_params = session_get_cookie_params();


Of course the cookie will not be deleted by the browser until you sent the response.
The new session would be created on the next request.

PS: The manual states:

Only use session_unset() for older deprecated code that does not use $_SESSION.

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I found:

$_SESSION = array();

To be very unpredictable and yielded varying results between browsers which is unusual for PHP.

To resolve I simply replaced it with:

$_SESSION = array(); 

I know this doesn't completely clear and replace a session, but all I really needed was the session to be cleared. The fact that the session has the same session_id doesn't really matter in my scenario.

Hope this helps some people having the same mare as me!

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