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Where to start to learn Android?


i develop for Windows-mobile and Windows-CE for 10 years,

i want to start working with android.

from where to start ? what develop tools i need ? sdk ? books ?

i need some help.

thanks in advance

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Android programming is not hard once you know how to program in Java (which for you should not be a problem since you are at least a C# developer). What you need to understand is:

  • How Dalvik works internally (Dalvik is the virtual machine for Android).
  • What are the main components provided by the Android SDK (activities, background receivers, services, content providers...).
  • The life cycle of an activity.
  • The different layouts that you could use to design your views.

That would be a good start. Just read the doc, everything is in there!

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You need to have a basic knowledge about programming in java and Eclipse Editor. Then just refer to the Android developer's site for installation and learning about android. You can also refer to Stackoverflow for good examples in Android. http://developer.android.com/index.html

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Do you have any experience with Java? If not, you should definitely start by learning and getting experience with Java generally. It's object oriented, so it's got a lot in common with many other modern languages so it shouldn't be too big a jump to get going, but I'd recommend getting the base experience first before jumping into Android.

Once you've got that, the Android Developer site has all the information you need regarding getting the development environment, SDK, samples and emulator images to get you started developing for Android. The top-right link takes you straight to downloading the SDK.

Once you have the base experience, and environment installed, you can do much worse than subscribing to @CommonsWare's Android eBooks. They're a bargain price, available in PDF, Kindle, ePub format, and have complete sample apps with detailed explanations and exercises that will really give your knowledge and experience a boost.

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