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I am just checking into the Adwords API. My target is to create and manage 750 - 800 text ads with some keyword corresponding to the product by fetching data from my database. I use PHP Client Library. I tried using the adGroupAdService mutate to create these ads with the data in array of textAdGroupAdOperation.

But i get

"EntityCountLimitExceeded.ADGROUP_TEXT_AD_LIMIT @ operations"

So i tried using the BulkMutateJob Service to accomplish this task by modifying the 'PerformBulkMutateJob' example provided in the library. on running the script, i get the message like

"Bulk mutate request with job id "6700245679675929654" and part number "0" was added. Unmarshalling Error: cvc-type.2: The type definition cannot be abstract for element ns1:operations."

I don't know whether i'm in the correct direction. Please help me in fixing this issue and guide me in creating these Ads.


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The EntityCountLimitExceeded.ADGROUP_TEXT_AD_LIMIT error means that you're adding too many ads into an ad group. You need to spread the ads out across multiple groups.

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