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I need to open a popup with parameter

here am using,"img_id")"http://www.olio.combankcustomerlist.action?bankId=116&branchId=33&customerId=1&readOnly=false&display=5")

I want to pass these parameters also

When i use this:"img_id")

I am getting http://www.olio.combankcustomerlist.action?bankId=116&branchId=null&customerId=null&readOnly=false&display=5"

Branch id will be null,

How can i pass parameter with popup window?

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Could you provide a bit more context ? From the looks of it, the problem doesn't lie in Selenium RC, but in the link anchored to your "img_id" element.

What URI do you get if you click the link "by hand" (outside of Selenium) ?

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