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I'm using Visual Studio 2010 with a C# WPF app and I've added some images into a subfolder called assets. Is there any way I can loop through all the images that i've added to the folder using pack URIs or something similar?

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The following method gets all the file names in a resource-folder:

public static string[] GetResourcesUnder(string strFolder)
    strFolder = strFolder.ToLower() + "/";

    var oAssembly = Assembly.GetCallingAssembly();
    string strResources = oAssembly.GetName().Name + ".g.resources";
    var oStream = oAssembly.GetManifestResourceStream(strResources);
    var oResourceReader = new ResourceReader(oStream);

    var vResources =
        from p in oResourceReader.OfType<DictionaryEntry>()
        let strTheme = (string)p.Key
        where strTheme.StartsWith(strFolder)
        select strTheme.Substring(strFolder.Length);

    return vResources.ToArray();

Just need to put the head back on when you use them:

var files = GetResourcesUnder("Images");
foreach (var file in files)
    string uriPath = "pack://application:,,,/Images/" + file;

I did not write this method, it's from another question here on SO, i'll try to find it...

Edit: It's from here.

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