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class OrderItem belongs_to Item and belongs_to Order

class Item has_many OrderItems and belongs_to ItemType

class ItemType has_many Items

class Order has_many OrderItems

I would like to, within Order, find all OrderItems whose Items are of type ItemType

def get_by_item_type(id)
  order_items.where(:item => {:item_type_id => 3})

Obviously I can do this by finding all OrderItems, looping, testing, and building my own collection. No problem there, but I wonder if there is another way?

Thanks /j

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This would be done with:

def get_by_item_type(id)
  order_items.joins(:item).where(:item_type_id => id)

If you get an error about a non existing/ambiguous column, have a look at


in order to find the correct column names.

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Thanks, I will try this out as soon as possible as it looks about right...Thanks – Jolie Rouge May 28 '11 at 20:05
Finally got to implement this part of the system and worked like a charm. – Jolie Rouge Jun 10 '11 at 15:24

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