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I have an aspxGridView on my page, and i create the columns at runtime. I also add CommandColumn with ShowSelectCheckBox set to true. But after i select one row and click a button to get the row values, AspxGridView.Selection.Count returns 0. I create this GridView on AspxButtons Click event also for paging, create the gridView on Page_Init. Here is the code to create the AspxGridView:

Colenter code hereorCollection colorCol = ConfAttributesManager.Instance

if (colorCol.Count > 0)
    GridViewDataTextColumn grdColorCodeColumn = new GridViewDataTextColumn();
    grdColorCodeColumn.FieldName = "ColorCode";

    GridViewDataTextColumn grdDescriptionColumn = new GridViewDataTextColumn();
    grdDescriptionColumn.FieldName = "Description";

    GridViewCommandColumn grdCmdColumn = new GridViewCommandColumn();
    grdCmdColumn.ShowSelectCheckbox = true;
    grdCmdColumn.VisibleIndex = 0;

    gv_Attributes.DataSource = colorCol;

I don't know where do i make a mistake?

Thanks for your help.

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When you create the columns at runtime are you doing it every time or is it in a if(!Page.IsPostback) { } block? –  Mark May 3 '11 at 12:42
If your task is just to select the current row and do some operation on top of that, then why don';t use RowCommand event and check if commandname = 'select' and then get the current row (something like msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/…) –  Subhash Dike May 3 '11 at 13:31
@Mark i also create the columns at page_init. @Subhlash Dike, i can't use that event because user first selects the row he wanted and then click a button. So that event, in my scenerio, is not useful. –  mehmetserif May 3 '11 at 14:17

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It seems that you do not specify the ASPxGridView.KeyFieldName property that is required for Row Selection operation:

gv_Attributes.KeyFieldName = "ColorCode";
//gv_Attributes.KeyFieldName = Unique Key Field;
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