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I use a singleton to share an array between several classes and this array holds some info from a xml file.

I have a currencyView (and when I scroll, new currencyview is created). When the first CurrView is loaded, and it happens when the application starts, try to pass data to it but no data is showed on first CurrencyView, however, when I scroll to the next view, everything is ok.

I have an idea that maybe I try to access a singleton (for first view) before my mainwindow.xib file is all loaded, please help.

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why don't you put a breakpoint in your singleton create method and look when exactly is it called? before or after your controller's -viewDidLoad? –  sergio May 17 '11 at 13:46
You should post some code of your singleton file and also the one that shows you loading the data –  Felipe Sabino May 27 '11 at 11:33

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Yup you need to create the singleton instance on startup. However if you use the code from this link you can directly access the singleton variable created using a getter method and it can be created at any point and will remain till you dealloc or kill the app.

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