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What is the worst-case running time for finding two given vertices are adjacent in Adjacency matrix implmentation of a graph? Is that not O(1) as I know the indices of those vertices in the matrix so that I can pick the value in constant time? I read it as O(n^2) in a book. Someone please explain it how to get to this measure.


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An adjacency matrix occupies O(n^2) memory, which may be where you're confused. But yes lookup given two vertices is O(1), that's the advantage of an adjacency matrix.

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thanks for the reply. Yes, your are right. I am confused among those two. after seeing your answer I read the statements of the book once again .... my eyes are open now.. :) –  poddroid May 4 '11 at 6:33

yes. it is O(1) for the reasons stated by you.

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