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Working with ARGOUML how do i transfer specific class diagrams from one workstation to another.

Both workstations have the same project running only that each project has different class diagrams.

Need to sync

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This seems like a much more appropriate question for one of the ArgoUML user forums (e.g. mailing list or bulletin board).

Clearly if the two projects have different diagrams, they are not the same project despite your assertion. ArgoUML only allows one project to be open at a time, so there's no way within ArgoUML to cut/paste among projects.

If no changes have been made to the model, it may be possible to unzip the project, move a diagram file by hand, update the table of contents, and rezip things, but it might be easier to just recreate the diagram by hand. Diagramming in ArgoUML is pretty quick.

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