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I'm trying to mask a movieclip using a mask created with AS3 but it changes the color of the movieclip being masked. I would like the mask to not change the color of the masked movieclip. Here is my code:



function drawMask():void {

The masked movieclip becomes the same color as the color defined in beginFill. In the example above, masked_mc turns black (as defined in beginFill). Removing beginFill masked everything and revealed nothing. I've not found anyone else having this problem. Perhaps I going about this all wrong. Thanks in advance for any help on masking with AS3 without changing the color of the movieclips being masked.

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You also have to add the mask into the display list :


and i see that you are drawing on your clip and not on your mask so it may explain the color you see :

var g:Graphics = masked_mc.graphics
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Thank you very much for your assistance. I had made several mistakes but my biggest mistake was placing mask_mc to where masked_mc should have been. My syntax read mask_mc.mask=masked_mc. It should have read masked_mc.mask=mask_mc. This was causing the masked items to change to the color of the mask or beginFill. Thanks again for your valuable assistance. –  B6431 May 10 '11 at 12:52

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