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I have an application that represented as windows service program which can hook user actions (e.g. active/destroy window, get keyboard keys and mouse actions). Also this APP send all data to a dedicated server, but that is not the point. It's written on C++ with WinAPI and small using boost & STL libraries.

So: on XP this code is working great. I install service, and after reboot program started as a service in background, monitors user activity with placing some data (e.g. text like that: "msg: user activated window", "msg: user wrote some text",...) to simple TEXT file...


... but, when I build it on Windows 7 and trying to get it work it doesn't do the trick. Service starts, but no data collected. No hooks.

What I'm trying to say, is that the code of the project is to big and complex, to post it here, because it's not so necessary. I'm just tring to find people, who already deal with such a problem,

APP [service + hooks] not working on Win 7

, but on XP it's running perfectly. Also I have to say, that when I run service from the IDE (MSVS2010) on the same host, it's working!

I was looking some topics on MSDN, like:

and other first google links, but that did not help.

I will really appreciate for the help!

PS: I think that this is not the incorrect code problem - service working with XP normally

PSS: Hooks are working on Windows 7, but not when application is the service

P3S: UAC is off

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Hmm, is the service intended to interact with an application that is running in the context of an individual user? If so, that's never going to work properly in Windows 7. The security model changed back in Windows Vista so that services run in an isolated session. I've answered that question a dozen times already, so I'll just refer you to one of them or another one of them, rather than trying to rehash it here. This is a quick explanation for why it used to work in XP. –  Cody Gray May 3 '11 at 14:33
@Cody Thanks you, Cody. I know nothing about that sessions in Vista and Seven. But now, it's really make sense. –  mosg May 4 '11 at 7:45

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