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I wrote a simple twitter connect plugin which needs to display the 'logged in' user's name in the header after he logs in. The function is working properly but I am unable to display the $user variable in my header or anywhere outside the function even though it is assigned global.

Here is the end of the login function:

$user= $Twitter->get_accountVerify_credentials();
// show screen name (not real name)
$twitter_user = $user->screen_name;
// show profile image url
$twitter_image = $user->profile_image_url;

I can see that it is successful because the $user gets printed, but when I call it in my header.php file the same way I can an error: Notice: Undefined variable: user

Any suggestions?

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In which file did you declare the $Twitter variable? Most likely the $user variable in header is called before it's actually declared –  Mark May 3 '11 at 14:53
$twitter is being declared in a function and hooked like this: add_action('init','twitter_logged_in'); I believe the header is called after this.. –  MG1 May 3 '11 at 14:57

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As opposed to getting wrapped up in the scope of the variables, I'd write a function to get this information. Something like:

function get_twitter_user_name(){
    $user= $Twitter->get_accountVerify_credentials();
    return $user->screen_name;

Then, in the header, where I want to display the name, I'd call the function like so:

<?php echo get_twitter_user_name(); ?>

Depending on the structure of your code, this may look a little different than what I have here, but hopefully this will give you another way of tackling this problem.

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