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I'm using monotouch and am having a brainfreeze. I'm trying to by code use an image that's in a folder.

The project structure:

Solution - Project -Images -picture.jpeg

The code:

UIImage image = UIImage.FromFile("\\Images\\picture.jpeg");

And I've also tried:

UIImage image = UIImage.FromFile("Images\\picture.jpeg");

The build action is set to content and I can use the picture without crashing if I just leave it in the root of the project. What's my problem?


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Oh of course... iOS, paths go by / and not \....

Correct code: UIImage image = UIImage.FromFile("Images/picture.jpeg");

Told you it was a brainfreeze!

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For other brainfreezes, don't forget the LoadFromBundle method when you are getting images that are part of your application deployment bundle. –  Driss Zouak May 3 '11 at 20:44

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