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I have a form like so:

       <form id = "membershipInfo" method = "post" action = "Default.aspx" onsubmit  = "dialogSubmitForm()" \> 
            <input type = "text" id = "changeStoreDialogText" name = "ChangeLocation" value="" /> 
            <input type = "submit" id = "DialogSubmit" value = ""/> 

There are times that I want the submit to cause a page load and other times that I don't want it to. Here is dialogSubmitForm:

function dialogSubmitForm() {
    //Checks to see how to submit
    if (placeHolderVisibility) {
        //Checks to ensure that the correct information was entered
        if (!isNaN($(codeChange).val()) && ($(codeChange).val()).length == 5) {
            //Submit at page load
        } else {
            //Do not submit to pageload
            return false;
    else //Do submit through javascript

        //Do not submit to pageload
        return false;

I thought that returning false would not cause a pageload, but apparently it does. How would I prevent a pageload with a submit button?

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As an aside fuelyourcoding.com/jquery-events-stop-misusing-return-false is useful reading. –  Ross May 4 '11 at 11:41
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You can try

onsubmit  = "return dialogSubmitForm()" \>

this will prevent the submit if you return false in the dialogSubmitForm() function.

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You can put onclick="return false;" in the submit button.

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But wouldn't that make it always return false on an 'onclick'. And I think I cant use 'onclick' anyways. If the user hits enter then it would submit anyways –  Peppered Lemons May 3 '11 at 14:59
Don't put a submit handler at the submit button's onclick. Put at at the form's onsubmit instead. –  Thai May 3 '11 at 15:08
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<input type="submit" id="DialogSubmit" value="Submit!" onclick="return false;"/> 

this will prevent a pageload

so in your case, it would be more like this :

<input type="submit" id="DialogSubmit" value="Submit!" onclick="return dialogSubmitForm();"/> 
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