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I have been using SubSonic 2 on several projects before but with the new SubSonic 3 I have implemented in 2 projects. However, my question has always been is if I can change the the output T4 template to generate a class file for each table instead of single ActiveRecord.cs file. I want to use it in a very large project and I can see where is not practical to have 80+ tables in a single file. I prefer to have separate class files.

Would I need to change SubSonic.Core? If its not possible, please let me know.


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Why does it matter how many files there are if the code is entirely generated? What practical difference is there?

You can change the templates to output multiple files. No changes would be required to the SubSonic dll, just the T4 Templates.

However, I fail to see how it is worth even just the time to post the question here, much less the time required to actually make those changes.

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There is a way to do this, if you rewrite the T4s to follow this example. However, I think there is an issue that may arise when you drop a table, the previously created .cs file for that table will not be removed. I think you would have to further edit the T4 to start by deleting all its previously generated files.

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