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I have a list of cities (simple cvs file) and i want to populate the citeis table while creating the City model. Class description:

class City(models.Model):
    city = modeld.CharField('city_name', max_length=50)

    class Meta:
        berbuse_name =....

    def __unicode__(self):

Now, what i am looking for (and can't find, don't know why) is who to do it only once, while creating the model(DB table).

I'm trying to do it over her ebeacouse it sound very logic to me (like building a sql script in MS-sql and other)

EDIT: Ok, i guess i am asking the wrong thing....maybe this: How do i careat a python function that will take the cvs file and transform it to json (Again, in the model itself, while it is beening build) and should i do it at all???

Can any one please help me with this?


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csv to JSON is trivial. Look at the csv module and the json module. – S.Lott May 3 '11 at 15:37

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We do something like this, usually.

import csv
from my_django_app.forms import CityForm
with open( "my file", "rb" ) as source:
    rdr = csv.DictReader( source )
    for row in rdr:
        form= CityForm( **row )
        if form.is_valid(): 
            print form.errors

This validates and loads the data.

After the data is loaded, you can use django-admin dumpdata to preserve a JSON fixture from the loaded model.

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Thank you, that is what i needed, althou it is not in the model it self as i understand....but 10x :-) – Erez May 3 '11 at 16:34

Providing initial data for models.

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Sorry, but i've read that and can't see how that will help me.... Mabye i'm wrong, but as i said i have a cvs file and i want it to be autoated (lady programmer) not to enter values by hand (that i can do in the admin... Mabye i am missing somthing, but i was think more in the reading the file with python and creating the inserts automatic.... I will Edit my Original question....10x – Erez May 3 '11 at 15:25

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