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I´m having some difficulties deciding content width...

I´m going for 960 pixels using the stuff from the 960.gs (960 grid system)

Wich do you recommend?

A - 940 px width on the actual content with 10px margins on left and right side


B - Get more out of the width and use full 960 px for the total content length

Which one is recommended or used in general?

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I would think this would depend heavily on your design. Generally speaking 960 seems to be the most commonly used but I think as long as you stay under 980 you'll probably be fine. 960 just lends itself well to easy math where 978 or 940 are a bit more complicated.

My experience has been that I've never received a design that naturally fits the 960 gs all that well and content width has been dictated by the design. The gs is a helpful guideline but not a rule.

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May I ask why it has to stay under 980px? Based on statistics on screen resolution? –  gorn Apr 15 '13 at 11:02

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