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How would I parse some XML data (long example here) into the options for 3 selectboxes, and each Category tag should only expose its subtags to the next selectbox?

Here's a short example of the data, and a longer sample is at the pastebin above.

<CATEGORY ID="PC__bSupport__b__u__bHardware">
    <TYPE ID="CNC__bmill">
        <ITEM ID="Repair"></ITEM>
        <ITEM ID="Request__bInstall"></ITEM>
    <TYPE ID="College__blicensing__bserver__bhardware">
        <ITEM ID="Maintain"></ITEM>
        <ITEM ID="Request__bInstall"></ITEM>
    <TYPE ID="Desktop">
        <ITEM ID="Audio__bProblems"></ITEM>
        <ITEM ID="Beep__bError__bCodes"></ITEM>
        <ITEM ID="CD__fDVD__bDrive__bProblems"></ITEM>
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What is the question? – gilly3 May 3 '11 at 16:38
It was ambiguous, I had my question in the form of a statement, fixed that. – adalgiso May 3 '11 at 17:16

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