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I have this jQuery method I call each time my page is loaded, to resize the content of my main div (which is a scrollable one):

function resizeMainContent() {
    var newSize = jQuery(window).height();

    if (window.location.pathname.indexOf("appsportfolio") != -1) {
            newSize = newSize - 105;
    } else if (window.location.pathname.indexOf("userapp") != -1) {
            newSize = newSize - 128;
    } else if (window.location.pathname.indexOf("password") != -1
                    || window.location.pathname.indexOf("create_user") != -1
                    || window.location.pathname.indexOf("create_account") != -1) {
            newSize = newSize - 105;

    if (jQuery.browser.msie)
            newSize = newSize + 3;


Well, on chrome and FF all works great. But, on IE, if this method is called, when I right click on other divs and I show a popup panel, that panel is not rendered exactly where I've pressed right click but below with about 100px... If i uncomment this resizeMainContent function, right click works great...

Can you suggest a solution?


UPDATE: - here is a screenshot with the issue: I press right click on the first Text and the popup appears on the second oneenter image description here

If I comment the above jQuery method, it appears exactly where I press right click.

The div where I press right click has this generated code (actually it is uses a ice:menuPopup icefaces component)

oncontextmenu="Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup(event, 'j_id1378:sectionContextMenu_sub', 'j_id1378:j_id1401:0:j_id1413:1:j_id1414');return false;"

so it calls some javascript method from their source code which works FINE (their demo works perfectly) so the problem is for sure not in their javascript code...

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Can you show the code for the right-click handler code as well? –  Thomas Shields May 3 '11 at 15:46
Are you saying the right-click MENU is off by 100px or that a lightbox style popup is 100px offset? Assuming lightboxes, what is the positioning - relative, absolute, static or fixed? When do you decide where to place the popup - when clicking or when you draw the page? –  josh.trow May 3 '11 at 15:48
Please post the link to a jsfiddle snippet that reproduces the issue in full. –  Lightness Races in Orbit May 3 '11 at 15:48
I've done an update of my post...It's quite hard to reproduce it with jsfiddle and the web site is not yet live... –  Cristian Boariu May 3 '11 at 15:57
I bet the Ice code generates its relative positions at page generation time, rather than at click-time. When you resize it then uses the old corner position and the click x-y INSIDE the textbox to position the context menu. –  josh.trow May 3 '11 at 16:10
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The work-around for this issue I've applied, was to override icefaces Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup method and apply a -100px for my case if the current browser is IE.

Of course this also means that oncontextmenu should point to my method instead of theirs, which I've done in not a very clean way but...at least this works...

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