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Due to System Admin I need to do a query within our app against the slave database vs. the production database.

I can use establish_connection at the class level but do not want to disrupt other class methods. Therefore wondering, how would I create a DB connection for this one particular class method w/o having to point all of my methods to the slave db?

Kind of how you would do it in Perl or Php.

Here's an example:

Any help appreciated.

Best, Adam O

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This should help you

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I would add a method to your model like that:

class Model
  def self.on_slave
    .. connect to slave with establish_connection ..
    .. connect to production with establish_connection

For every method you need the slave for, you can then do:

def self.this_operates_on_the_slave
  on_slave do
    .. operate
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Hi - thanks for the responses. I ended up going with the Sequel gem which has worked very well. – Adam O'Connor May 4 '11 at 2:24
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thanks for the solutions. I ended up going with the Sequel library. Essentially I created an initializer, 'slavedb_connect' class, and use this connection to interface the slave db when needed.

I went through many attempts and got really close. However, Sequel is a graceful solution that more so follows the 'Rails/Ruby Way'.

Thanks for the help/support. Really enjoy using this site.

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