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I have two cells with the first column as string. I am currently using ismember to match the first column elements in both the cells. But ismember is case sensitive. I cannot use strcmpi because the cells are of unequal size. Could you suggest another approach?

cell1 = { 'AAPL' [2001] ; 'GOOG' [1999] ; 'MSFT' [2010] } ; 

cell2 = { 'AMZN' [2009] ; 'HP' [2011] ; 'CSC' [2005] ; 'Goog' [2010] } ;

Not-case sensitive approach:

tf = ismember(cell1(:,1), cell2(:,1)) ; % tf should be now [0; 1; 0]


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The functions LOWER and UPPER operate on cell arrays of strings, so you can use them to convert the strings to all lower or upper case before calling ISMEMBER:

>> tf = ismember(lower(cell1(:,1)), lower(cell2(:,1)))

tf =

     1    %# <-- there's the 1 you want!
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