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I have a Spring/hibernate app. If I run it directly (i.e. call main() it works as I expect. When deployed in tomcat I get different results.

Hopefully the hibernate output below is firly explanatory. The issue I have is that the select only works the first time when the server is started. So I can insert, then select, and get 1 row returned. After that I can insert but the select returns no rows, even though I can see the insert in the MySQL DB.

Is this some sort of caching issue? Or is it something to do with the session factory being created/configured the first time through?

Thanks in advance. SQL output below

16:47:10,125 DEBUG SQL:111 - insert into user_sessions (user_id, last_use, token) values (?, ?, ?)
16:47:10,127 TRACE IntegerType:151 - binding '1' to parameter: 1
16:47:10,127 TRACE TimestampType:151 - binding '2011-05-03 16:47:10' to parameter: 2
16:47:10,128 TRACE StringType:151 - binding 'ci6f6poi2ccbgof93vnsuk5o91' to parameter: 3
16:47:10,222 DEBUG SQL:111 - select session0_.id as id25_, session0_.user_id as user2_25_, session0_.last_use as last3_25_, session0_.token as token25_ from user_sessions session0_ where session0_.token=?
16:47:10,225 TRACE StringType:151 - binding 'ci6f6poi2ccbgof93vnsuk5o91' to parameter: 1
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can you show us the code that your using to insert and select? –  Karthik Ramachandran May 3 '11 at 19:10
How transactions are managed in your application? –  Olaf May 6 '11 at 18:34

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