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I am not able to get the reason of exception from the message that is in the DLQ. These are the steps i have followed:-

  1. Message is sent to a 'Sample' Queue.

  2. The Message Listener throws a Runtime Exception in the onMessage Function.(throw new RuntimeException("Exception Reason Test");)

  3. The message goes to the DLQ.

  4. I am trying to access the Exception reason via two approaches(i pass the DLQ Name and the JMS Message ID in both):-

    • Spring JMSTemplate browseSelected function


  • JMX QueueViewMBean browse function via the composite data map

Map datamap = (Map)dataMap.get("StringProperties");


In both cases i am getting a null value for the property DLQ_DELIVERY_FAILURE_CAUSE_PROPERTY.

Please help. Thanks

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