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Ok, I can't be the only one with this problem that seems to go on forever and ever.

We use browser-based html editors (a few different ones) - each one has its own 'paste-from-word' button that works great.

However, many of our users just paste in directly from word into the design area. For us, this results in the end-of-the-world -- sometimes it breaks javascript or other things too numerous to mention.

So, I have decided to write a simple function that searches the content of the source code, and if it sees any bad characters that are associated with a microsoft word paste, to throw back a match of 'this looks like a ms-word paste'. Currently, it looks like this:

// detect potentially bad characters - usually from msword paste
function hasInvalidChars ( in_element ) {
    var src     = $j(in_element).val();
    var e       = $E(src);  // enhanced string
    var bad     = Array(    "mso-list:", "class=\"Mso", "</o:p>", "[if !supportLists]", 
                            "style=\"mso-", "mso-bidi", "“", "”", "<v:shapetype", "<v:path", 
                            "file:///" );
    for ( i=0; i< bad.length; i++ ) {
        if ( e.contains(bad[i]) ) {
            return true;
    return false;

Note that if you try running the code, it won't work because (1) i use jQuery and (2) i have a special object ( $E ) that adds a bunch of stuff to a string, one being a 'contains()' function, but you get the idea of what it's doing.

What I am looking for are the array elements that belong in the 'bad[]' array. I have come up with a preliminary list (which may or may not be a good starting point), but I am asking you experts out there - please - can you tell me which characters or phrases you would put here? At this point, if I could catch 80% of the issues, I would be ecstatic.


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CKEditor has this checking in place, maybe take a look at their source as it is open. –  Dustin Laine May 3 '11 at 17:03

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Recently I was looking for similar thing after bit of googling I found a nice function. It has most of the bad tags listed. here is the link which contains that function:


all credits to original author.

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Not a bad start. Will see what others have to say, but helped a bit, so gave you an up-vote. –  OneNerd May 3 '11 at 19:10
@zeNo Working fine for Firefox/Chrome but in IE its adding additional "<" tag don't know why, Is there any specific settings/changes for IE only? –  Gurvinder May 13 '13 at 14:30

Tinymce has a flag for this when pasting.

You should have a look at the past_preprocess setting of the paste plugin.

Here you can access the pasted content using 'o' and find out if the paste came from Word. Example:

paste_preprocess : function(pl, o) {
  //if(console) console.log('content', o);

  if (o.wordContent ) {
           alert('paste from WORD detected!!!');

I am using a special function to get rid of unwanted tags (i was not that happy about the default way tinymce handles this - so i wrote my own).

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