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I have a centered liquid layout that has a help/intro section at the top of each page. I use jQuery to hide/re-show the help content based on the user's needs. Under this, I have the rest of the page content, which uses jScrollPane to display overflow content.

When the help content is hidden, I need the jspContainer to resize to fill the area where the help content was (not just slide up, since this happens already). In other words, I need to fill the entire with the page's content, and have jScrollPane resize the along with the jsp scroll bars, etc.

I am using jQuery to dynamically re-draw the page anytime the onResize event is triggered, so I presume that I should insert the code in this event.

Any ideas?

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Have you tried using jQuery to make the div 100% width? Some example code would go a long way

    'width' : '100%'
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It's not the width (horizontal) dimension that needs to flow, its the height (vertical) dimension that needs to increase/decrease as teh content above it is shown/hidden. I have my width set to 100% in the CSS. –  Matteo May 5 '11 at 4:24

It sounds like this example shows exactly what you are trying to do:


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