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I'm just getting started with ASP.NET MVC and am going through the NerdDinner tutorial. As I'm going through I'm trying to apply what I see with how I will develop my site. I have experience with WinForms and much of what I'm wanting to do is display large amounts of data contained in a database.

I have used DataGridView along with DataSets and DataTable accessing SQLite databases. Going through the NerdDinner tut I see mainly access to SQL Server through Linq to SQL and generating HTML tables rather than using ASP.NET Web UI Components such as GridView.

I like most of the functions and look that the Web UI Components can bring, but I'm not sure if they are necessary. How do you all decide when displaying lots of data from databases what display components to use?

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MvcContrib has a lot of great things to aid with ASP.NET MVC development. In this case the Grid would help you a lot. I've used it in the past and found it to be pretty slick.

If you're using jQuery as well, this article talks about integrating it with the jQuery datable--makes paging and sorting essentially no-effort/painless.

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Does the gridview referring have a property that makes the gridview column headers to be frozen and griddata to be scrollable? –  bonCodigo Sep 26 '14 at 10:29

By experience with MVC and ASP .Net Control, your better not user control in a ASP Web form application.

The point is that they work with view state that is against the pattern of MVC.

In the case of your DataGridView what I would do is to loop through the list with a foreach and output a table row.

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I was hoping to have a solution that could provide a Table/Grid that provides basic functions like moving columns, changing data, etc.. Are there nataive HTML tags that can allow this sort of customization? –  Neal May 3 '11 at 19:49
For sort of "grid" way to manage data in the html part, I never have any experience. You better try the solution of @Jacob or @ataddeini. But i got a preference for @Jacob beacuse it base on Jquery and recommande by Phil Haack. –  Muffun May 4 '11 at 18:47

Phil Haack has a good post of using the jQuery Grid plugin with MVC to create a more "out of the box" grid solution like what you would be used to with the ASP.NET controls you mention.

enter image description here

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