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Given three tables:

People: {Person_Id, Age}

Accounts: {Account_Id, Person_Id, Account_Type}

Age_Ranges: {Age_Range_Id, Age_Range_Label, Lower_Bound, Upper_Bound}

I'm trying to represent the following SQL query using OJB (without resorting to a QueryBySQL):

select ar.Age_Range_Label, count(a.Account_Id)
from People p
inner join Accounts a on p.Person_Id = a.Person_Id
inner join Age_Ranges ar on p.Age between ar.Lower_bound and ar.Upper_Bound
where a.Account_Type = 'Chequing'

The java code I have so far looks like this:

Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
criteria.addEqualTo("Account_Type", "Chequing");

// join on Age_Ranges based on the person's Age

ReportQueryByCriteria q = QueryFactory.newReportQuery(Accounts.class, criteria);
q.setAttributes(new String[] {"Age_Range_Label", "count(Account_Id)"});

But I'm unsure how to join up with the Age_Ranges table such that I can group on the Age_Range_Label column.

Any insight?

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