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I have an abstract factory registered for injection in some controller instances. Can I register that abstract factory and use it as an injection factory?

This is what I have:

public interface ILevelFactory
    Levels Create();

.RegisterType<ILevelFactory, LevelFactory>()
.RegisterType<Levels>(new InjectionFactory((c) => StaticLevelFactory.GetLevels()))

Desired situation:

.RegisterType<ILevelFactory, LevelFactory>()
.RegisterType<Levels>(*** look up and use ILevelFactory ***)

In short, I want to get rid of the StaticLevelFactory.

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If your ILevelFactory is properly registered:

RegisterType<Levels>(new InjectionFactory((c) => c.Resolve<ILevelFactory>().GetLevels()))
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Nice! Thank you. :) –  Carl R May 3 '11 at 18:29

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