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Hi I apologise in advance if this question is daft. I am fairly new to Android programming and I learn fast.

Any ways I have just created a Task Reminder application and I would like to turn/implement that application into a widget that you can view on the home screen?

Is this possible?


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Without more information about what your app does all I can really do is point you to the documentation on widgets which would be a good place to start anyway. One thing I can tell you though is to make sure that your application is a good fit for a widget. Widgets were purposefully designed to be very limited in Android. There are only a handful of views that can be used and you can't update them very frequently without it being a major headache. You may just want to make a part of your app into a widget. Widgets aren't just apps on the launcher. Best of luck.

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Yes, it's probably possible. Take a look at for a decent example.

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I think you like to create an "App Widget". A manual about doing so is here.

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