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I am creating a selenium test and in all the tests I want to simulate the user choosing the date. The problem is when the month changes the possible date selections is limited making it very fragile.

This is my current code:"fromdate")"//div[@id='dp-popup']/div[3]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[6]")"//div[@id='dp-popup']/div[3]/table/tbody/tr[3]/td[1]")

Is there a way to get around this either creating a function that determines the correct cell to choose or if I should just inject the value into the field ?

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Okay this does not seem to be able to be getting any responses how can I manipulate the dom in selenium like executing a JS command that injects the date value and submits the form – BillPull May 4 '11 at 21:36
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I'm using selenium and jQuery date picker. I'm always using xpath checker in selenium tests to create stable tests.

Well, this is the path of month name //html/body/div[@id='ui-datepicker-div']/div/div/span[1] and this gives the year //html/body/div[@id='ui-datepicker-div']/div/div/span[2] and this is //html/body/div[@id='ui-datepicker-div']/table/tbody/tr[**week index of can think this is a row in datepicker**]/td[**column index of a can think this is a day of a week**]

Try to use xpath checker to get locators. Hope this helps.

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These IDs have been improved. ui-datepicker-year, ui-datepicker-month, and ui-datepicker-today. – Todd Nov 17 '13 at 1:05

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