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I've got a struct that looks like this:

public struct MyStruct
    public const string Property1 = "blah blah blah";
    public const string Property2 = "foo";
    public const string Property3 = "bar";

I want to programmatically retrieve a collection of MyStruct's const properties' values. So far I've tried this with no success:

var x = from d in typeof(MyStruct).GetProperties()
                    select d.GetConstantValue();

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Here is what eventually worked for me:

from d in typeof(MyStruct).GetFields()
select d.GetValue(new MyStruct());

Thank you Jonathan Henson and JaredPar for all your help!

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These are fields not properties and hence you need to use the GetFields method

    var x = from d in typeof(MyStruct).GetFields()
            select d.GetRawConstantValue();

Also I believe you're looking for the method GetRawConstantValue instead of GetConstantValue

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I know this is an old question/answer but thank you. You are the first person to point out that they are fields not properties. –  James Mar 12 '12 at 21:44

GetProperties will return your Properties. Properties have get and/or set methods.

As of yet your structure has no properties. If you want properties try:

private const string property1 = "blah blah";

public string Property1
    get { return property1; }

furthermore, you could use GetMembers() to return all of your members, this would return your "properties" in your current code.

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you can also set values with a Property such as: private string property1; public string Property1 { get { return property1; } set { property1 = value; } } Also, in C# v 3.5 and later, you can just do get; and set; without actually declaring your encapsulated object. –  Jonathan Henson May 3 '11 at 18:23

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